Indonesia Business Council (IBC) officially established on 16 September 2006 as a forum for Indonesian and Australian entrepreneurs to interact, communicate and exchanging business information. The purpose of building this engagement is to strengthen and further develop business and trade relationship between Indonesian entrepreneurs in Sydney, NSW and Indonesian entrepreneurs in Indonesia with Australian Entrepreneurs.

IBC introduced itself to more than forty Indonesian and Australian entrepreneurs on 14 December 2006 in Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia in Sydney. This event received an outstanding response from the entrepreneurs of both countries. As a follow up, IBC officials have been involved in formal discussion with the Consul General of The Republic of Indonesia in Sydney as well as with The Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia for Australia.

IBC organizes some events that relate to the organisation’s mission, like seminars in the field of economic and business, export-import policies, quarantine policies, etc. In the past few years, IBC has been actively involved in arranging strategic business meetings and developing comprehensive business directory. Other than that, IBC constantly organises or involves in various business and trade fairs both in Indonesia and in Australia, while occasionally arranging business visits to several companies in Indonesia. Since its establishment, IBC has supported many other events that contribute to the advancement of business to Indonesian entrepreneurs in particular.

IBC constantly associates itself in government-supported events, both in Indonesian and in Australia to push forward and develop the relationship and collaboration in economic, business, trade, culture, tourism and investment between Indonesia and Australia. IBC helps spreading useful information for Indonesian and Australian business players, including changes and/or updates for trade regulation, quarantine regulations, legal law, and any other information that closely related to business practices and international trade.

IBC membership consists of corporations and professionals from various kind of business field, for example:

  • Tour and travel agents
  • International freight forwarders, logistics and shipping
  • Restaurants
  • Banking sector
  • Groceries and retails
  • Furniture and handicraft manufacturers
  • Export and import in food and beverage commodity
  • Real estate agents
  • Architects and interior designers
  • Law and marketing consultants
  • Agricultures
  • Communication system providers
  • Printing houses, publishers and production houses